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About Banana Bend Archery Club

Banana Bend Archery Club is a member based club.  Family membership is $75 per year.  Members have anytime access to our practice range which has targets from 15 to 55 yards out, and receive club discount at the 3D events.

The range is open to the public on the first Sunday, when we hold our club 3D shoots. Our 3D course consists of a gravel walk path and over 30 shooting lanes.

Our Heritage


Banana Bend is one of the oldest clubs in the area.  We are a Member of Archery Shooters Association, and as a certified club, we shoot by ASA rules.

We hold an ASA state qualifier every year.

We are supporters of The Lone Star Bowhunters Association and host 3D events at least once a year.

Banana Bend is happy to host the Traditional Bowhunters of Texas events, at least once a year.

We encourage you to become part of our Heritage !

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